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All real estate services provided by the Sally Chiarelli Law Office are based on a flat fee service. No matter what real estate issues you may be dealing with, you can rely on your experienced team to protect your financial interests.

Real estate can be highly complicated. A small oversight could result in a costly error. Let one of our skilled team members guide you through the law and ensure your rights are protected when you contract your office to schedule an initial consultation.

You know that life takes unexpected turns and you want to secure your family for the future. With the assistance and advice from estate lawyers in Burlington you can guard your family from unnecessary and lengthy legal debates. Whatever you need to draft a will or designate power of attorney, visit with the lawyers at sally Chiarelli Law Office for all your concerns

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Some of the services we provide include :
- residential real estate purchase
- residential real estate sale
- agreements of purchase & sale - prepare, negotiate & review
- review of status certificates
- title insurance
- refinancing
- collateral mortgages
- transfer of title
- survivorship applications
- purchase of a business
- sale of a business
- commercial leases
- co-ownership agreements